Honolulu Coffee Shop: Egg Tarts Worth Flaking For

Honolulu Cafe egg tart credit Yong and Hungry


Honolulu Cafe’s egg tarts are always sold out when I try to buy them in Singapore, so I couldn’t resist picking up some when I was waiting for a bus right outside its Hong Kong original one evening. (And nearly missed the bus because of it. But #priorities.) Hong Kong egg tarts, so I’ve learnt, generally fall into two categories: the first is made with short crust pastry and the other is made with Chinese puff pastry. And then there’s the Macau version, which has a lovely brulé on top. You must go to Lord Stow’s for the latter. You MUST.

Honolulu’s version is made with an interlayering of yau pei (butter pastry) and shui pei (pastry made with egg and ice) and has the flakiest egg tart crust known to mankind – think: multi-layered 老婆饼 and edible shards all over your carpet. I like its mildly roasted scent, but the Chinese puff pastry was a bit too dry for me. I’m still more of a full-on butter crust kind of girl, so I prefer Tai Cheong’s tarts, whose cookie-style crusts have a buttery fragrance and crumble. Then again, I haven’t eaten enough egg tarts to make a definitive comparison, unlike these geeks, who have charted over 400 tarts, down to their pantone colour codes! This I know at least: If you want to indulge, you might as well go all the way.

Fun fact

The cafe is named for the founder’s fascination with the coffee from Hawaii, but it’s coffee isn’t actually from there.

Honolulu Coffee Shop

176-8 Hennessy Road
Wanchai, Hong Kong

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