New year, new blog

What a year, what a year!

2015 was probably my most tumultuous year in history, so 2016 came as much welcome relief. I overcame my initial reservations to take a gamble on a job that was alternately rewarding yet challenging, but which let me learn something new everyday. Between work trips and leisure getaways, I managed to make a captivating first visit to India and revisit some of my fave cities like Amsterdam, London, Tokyo, Sydney, Hong Kong and Manila.

I got some priceless insider experiences and ate in many bucket-list restaurants in the company of the world’s greatest chefs (check out my recap of my Top 10 Food Experiences in 2016 here). I caught up with old friends from everywhere, and was glad to have been there as they took on life partners and watched with pride as their second generations grew into intelligent, lovely little beings.

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE and thank you for your support as always for my many ventures this year. I can’t wait to forge new collaborations and adventures together with you in 2017!


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